Regional Director

Hey I am Aegean! After the EAs finished the AYC program I help them to find jobs that utilize their year of teaching experience, through a program called Teach in China. I supervise operations based in the Shanghai office, aiding RPLs and EAs. When I am not working, I love watching movies and American TV shows, and just being a sofa potato.

Advice for incoming Educational Ambassadors?

"Be flexible and open-minded so that you are able to enjoy your experience as much as possible in China."



Huiqiao is a Program Coordinator for the Jiangsu area. Her current role involves placing candidates with schools in the area and coordinating pre-arrivals affairs. Before joining Ameson, she had interned with a DC-based international non-profit organization dedicated to community development and advocacy. Huiqiao holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a Master's in International Affairs. 

Advice for incoming Educational Ambassadors?

"Try not to be too ‘independent'; friends and communities will not only give you support and sense of belonging, they also make you less vulnerable to hardships. Even if you are someone who prefers spending time alone, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to find a group you belong with and spend some time with them. Working abroad is not easy. Be confident! It is also important to keep in mind that you can overcome difficulties with courage, optimism and action."

debra preston

office manager

My name is Debra Preston, Office Manager for the DC office. I have worked at Ameson since 2013, when I started off as a RPC (Regional Project Coordinator), and I was there when we started the first year of recruitment from the DC office. I assist with going to career fairs, making calls to schools, answering questions from EAs and at times job postings. I had the pleasure of visiting China for one of the orientations, and the Shanghai office team makes sure all EAs have all the information they need so that their transition goes smoothly. In my spare time I love to read and watch sports.

Advice to incoming Educational Ambassadors?

"Be able to adapt to new culture, and be willing to handle new challenges."

Merry Zhao

Regional Coordinator


I am responsible for the AYC program in Washington, Oregon, and Vancouver, BC. I enjoy meeting students during career fairs, info tables, panels, and presentations.

Advice for incoming Educational Ambassadors?

"The AYC program will widen your horizons and enrich your career."

Chyanne Chen  










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I am Jasmin Hu, and I have been working in Ameson for almost 4 years. As a RPL, I serve EAs and host schools in Wenzhou, Jinhua and Taizhou in the Zhejiang Province. Looking forward to an amazing time together with you in China!

Advice for incoming Educational Ambassadors?

"Follow your host school's regulations and rules. Learn more about local culture; the more you learn, the sooner you will adjust to life in China."

Sheila Ren

Program Manager

 I studied my master in ICN Business School and has been working in international education in China for six years. I have also worked with American universities to build education exchange programs. I am a very outdoorsy person, I like hiking, traveling and dancing.

Advice for incoming Educational Ambassadors?

"Always keep an open mind. Focus on your experience as it unfolds, not on how you think it should or shouldn't be. Through the ups and downs of this extraordinary life experience, you will come out a better and more capable individual than you ever thought was possible."



Kelly started working at the Ameson Foundation in October 2015 after graduating from Harvard University with a degree in East Asian Studies. She spent one summer in China working at an orphanage in Ningde. She works closely with the Shanghai office on outreach to spread the word about AYC! In her spare time, Kelly works as an alumni interviewer for Harvard and likes to watch NFL football & explore DC with friends.

Advice for incoming Educational Ambassadors?

"My advice for incoming EAs is to start off your year with a completely open mind! Learn as much as you can and make the experience your own - this is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Lorenzo tucker

program associate

A Washington, DC native, I earned an undergraduate degree from the University of the District of Columbia in Liberal Studies. I began working with Ameson in January of 2014. As a Program Associate I provide support in may ways to the many programs that Ameson offers, like being in contact with career services to ensure graduating seniors know about the AYC opportunity whether it be online or at a career event. When I'm not working I am most likely trying out new recipes, watching professional football (Go Cowboys!) and enjoying the company of family and friends.   

Advice for incoming Educational Ambassadors?

"It's unlikely that you will know anyone outside of the AYC community, but it's important to make friends along the way. Enjoy the experience learning as much as you can as well as teaching along the way. The work you'll be doing will impact the younger generation for a lifetime."